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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Kite Runner--the movie

I started this over a week ago. I'm just now getting it finished & posted.

Just to show that I’m not always pessimistically critical,. My book group made a New Year’s Day field trip to go see “The Kite Runner”, as we had read it as our last book. This book grabbed me from the first page, and had me fully engaged. It’s the best fiction I’ve ever read. I have pretty high standards. That is not a statement to be taken lightly. It is the only time in my life that as soon as I finished reading the book, I turned back to the front and began re-reading it again immediately. The book was a going away gift from a friend and former colleague, when I left my previous job for my current one. I was excited, because I would no longer be driving. I’d be taking the train and in my own words, “I’ll become literate again because I can read on the train!” She told me the book was one of the most beautifully written books she'd ever read. She was an English major in Collge. Another assessment not to be taken lightly.
I can be somewhat stoic, holding my emotions at close guard. I would be reading this book (on the train, in public), and my face would start contorting, as I would try to fight back tears from streaming down my cheeks (which I’m sure made it all the more obvious). All of this set up to get to the movie. I had great reservations because I loved the book so much. And, how many times have you seen a movie of a beloved book only to see it butchered on the screen. When the beginning credits showed that the author (Khaled Housseini) was not the screen writer, I was more frightened. This movie? I loved it! They were very true to the original story. I thought they did a great job of editing/condensing to get it to ~2 hours on the screen. From the first “A thousand times over”, at the beginning, I was tearing up.
The group went to one of the member’s apartment afterward to discuss the movie. Brian said it perfectly when he said, “It was like seeing the visual of the poem that was this book.” (paraphrased). I can count on one hand the number of DVD movies I own. This is one I would add to that small collection.
Given my recent movie going experience with S.T., my reticence and apprehension were high. Every movie reviewer who is going orgasmic over that piece of shit Sweeney Todd and has panned this movie are just imbeciles, twice over.
If you haven't read the book. READ IT! Or, go see the movie, then read it.
The book IS beautifully written. I was blown away that a man for whom English is not his native laguage wrote such beautiful prose, and compelling story.

I liked that the reader/viewer also learns a good deal about Afgahnistan from the story.

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