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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Post Script (1)

I sent am email to 3 of my former colleagues and friends (they're not former friends, they remain friends) from 5RH (5th Ring of Hell) to let them know about the accreditation good news. Following is part of the reply I received from A:

"...Good for you, Randy! This is a full circle moment for you -
you have proved yourself through programming, and now
you got a super review! Now that the documentation is
in hand, I hope they continue to recognize your fine work.
After spending time in this crazy system, I'll bet you were
questioning your abilities. Now you know for certain that
it wasn't about you!Congratulations! ..."

This was incredibly kind, and the sentiment wasright on the money. It's the nicest and best thing someone could have said. Especially someone who knows CME and the process, and my life before this current position. She knew how miserable I was and how completely un(der)-utilized and un-appreciated I was there. I do have one correction, though. We got a good review. It wasn't super. There are times for all of us, when we go through something, and the only ones who can fully understand or appreciate the significance are those who have share that (or previous/similar) experiences. Cognitively, I know I'm good at what I do. When others play continually beat you down, that kind of bullshit plays with your psyche and you DO begin to doubt yourself, even when you know it's bullshit. A corrolary to the addage: "Living well is the best revenge." -- "Doing well is the best revenge!" I"m succeeding at the things, I wasn't allowed to do in my last job--the very things I was supposedly hired to do. Go figure. They pissed away someone who could have done a lot of great things for the organization. What a loss for them. Idiots.
Every little and big success, every abstract accepted is a great way of saying "FUCK YOU" to my former employer. "Doing well IS the best revenge!"

I was there for over 3.5 years. But I'm not there anymore.

Life is good.

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