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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dreaded Day of the Month

Tomorrow (Thursday) is my monthly ‘dread day’. It’s my monthly IV IgG infusion. I dread this day every month. It’s not the infusion I dread. It, in and of itself is not bad. It’s mild discomfort at the most (usually). What I hate is getting started. The gods, in their sick and twisted humor, gave me a disorder that requires monthly IVs, while giving me tiny rolly veins. Very few medical professionals have ever been able to get an IV or syringe for a blood draw on the first try. It’s usually twice, the record being 4 the last time I had surgery at a hospital I had not been to before. The medical practice I go to now, has 1 med tech (Travis) who has an almost perfect record with me. There’s one nurse (O), who is pretty good. When I first started the infusions a few years ago, the head nurse (H) who was determined he was going to tap my vein or die trying. It took three tries. The next month, I said, “You get one chance. He blew it. It took about four months, and me finally insisting on Travis. THere have been a few new nurses or techs in the intervening months. ONe time after 2 people, 3 stabs, I finally insisted they find Travis. He said, "Ask for me." I said, "I do! THey won't get you until after they've all tried. Since then, I pretty much get him. A few months back, he came in and, said, "we were all fighting for you in the back. I won." That made me so happy. One, that he considered getting stuck with me as 'winning'. And, to be totally superficial, he's so damned hot. He could multiply stick me, and I wouldn't be pissed like I am with the others. We have a good banter back and forth. He has a sense of humor. One time he was inserting the needle. I never watch the needle go in. I don't freak out by it. I just don't like to see it go in. Once in, I can look down, and help tape it down and secure it. Anyway, He said, "I'm done." I replied, "Wow, I didn't even feel it go in. YOu're good! His retort, "Tell that to ALL the men!" Travis could 'stick' me and I wouldn't protest.
So, here's hoping I get Travis tomorrow. He makes the infusions less sucky.


lauren said...

Cute post, hope things went well and you had a great weekend, take care....

gay CME guy said...
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gay CME guy said...

Thanks Lauren. It's good to hear from you. Update: I got Travis! And, as always he got me on one stick. There was a phlebotomist intern there who was observing. He was one hot strapping man of beefcake! He was so hot, that I was almost ready to let him have a go at my veins. :) I'd have been the meat in that sandwich!
Anyway, infusion went well. I was actually in a focus group over the weekend for the company who makes my blood product. I'm hoping to get a post up about in in the next few days.