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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not Hypochondria

Sometimes I wish the illnesses were JUST in my head—that I was somehow imagining it. After 3 days in bed, vacillating between chills and sweats, soaking the sheets, I saw my dr. today. (I called Monday morning, this was the first opening and I didn’t call the nurse to bump me in this time). I have fucking strep throat—AGAIN! Second time this year. This isn’t on the list of approved illnesses for CVID. WTF?! Seriously, WTF!? I’m so pissed with myself that this one didn’t enter my radar as a possibility, and I didn’t figure this one out. Two weeks ago at my last infusion, my throat was scratchy. He did a strep test then. It came back negative. So, instead of being top of mind, my dyslexic brain erased it from the possible options.
This time, my tongue scrape solution barely hit the blotter before showing the + sign. Strep tests are now like pregnancy tests (not that I have any experience with those), Plus you don’t piss on the test strip. Other than that, they’re similar. But, they take a swab from the back of your tongue, mix in a little tube of solution, pour the tube onto the little holder and wait to see if the + sign shows up. Instead of being knocked up, you have strep…and it doesn’t last for nine months.
So, I was right. I’m really sick again. Sometimes being right sucks shit. I prefer my sick when it's combined with twisted.


GDad said...

Get well soon. Strep bites.

Frank Drackman said...

This is one of the areas where technology hasn't helped. In the old days you'd have gotten 2.4 million units of Bi-cillin in the Buttcheek, and the Streptococci would be in their death throws before the Clinic Door smacked you on that Golfball sized lump in your ass on the way out...And you'd feel better in an hour. Now you gotta have a Strep Screen, supposedly to cut down on casual antibiotic prescribing, but really to save the Insurance Companies $$$. And added beni of Bi-Cillin, still pretty effective for Gonnorhea....

mark's tails said...

while strep throat may not be listed as a frequent infection in patients with CVID Streptococcus, the bacteria that causes strep throat, is certainly a common pathogen in patients with CVID. ofcourse, you don't have to have an Ig deficiency to get strep throat it is fairly common in the general population.

Having said that, here's to a speedy recovery.