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Monday, January 8, 2007

First time out

January 8, 2007
New Blog, first posting.

I've been late getting into the game. I've contemplated starting a blog page for a long time and kept feeling it was such an act of self-indulgence. But the few blogs I've been to, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading. I'm not sure how active this will be and what and/or how much I'll decide to post.
By some wierd flukes of fate, someone should happen on to this space, drop a message. I'll see where this experience takes me.

For my first RANdom thought, I'll mention the book I'm currently reading, "What Is the What", by Dave Eggers. It's a novel (although, I believe it to be a biographical novel) about the lost boys of the Sudan. It has been hard reading--not as in difficult to understand or follow, but as in heart and gut wretching to read the details of what the narrator went through. It's another reminder as to just how myopic we are as Americans, not paying attention to anything beyond the borders of North America.
I'm not half way through it yet, but can't wait to keep at it. The further I get, I should be able to post something a bit more intelligent

I got to this book after finally reading Eggers' "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genious", which has been sitting on my bookshelf for a few (+) years. But I'll save that book for a future posting, perhaps.
I'd be interested in comments from anyone who has read or is reading "What Is the What?"

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Patient Anonymous said...

Hi, I just "found" you via the I'm A Blogoholic feed. Happy National Coming Out Day to you too!

And yes I am gay as well...lesbian, gay, whatever...I don't care. I've actually never called myself queer. Perhaps, dyke in jest but not seriously.

I hate labels anyway *laughing*

Take care,